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What The Report Includes

After years of social distancing and pent-up demand, U.S. families looking to experience large-scale attractions such as zoos and aquariums have taken off in 2022. While many of the changes we saw in the early days of the pandemic are a thing of the past, several changes to guest experience will be permanent, including how guests interact with you online. LaneTerralever’s “2022 Zoo & Aquarium Digital Customer Experience Report” ranks zoos and aquariums based on their web, social media, and brand experience.

Take a look at the top 3:

  1. Denver Zoo
  2. San Diego Zoo
  3. Maryland Zoo

of Americans say a brand, company, or service’s reputation is dependent on a consistently good customer experience.

How can brands meet customer expectations?

We sought to unearth what makes customers stay loyal to their preferred brands and how significant differences exist among generations, affluence, and gender in the customer journey. In our report, we spoke with 1,500 consumers across the United States to understand expectations around customer expectations and provide actionable insights to guide the next phase for brands to implement.

Throughout the report, we explore ways businesses can provide customer experiences that build lasting relationships and the best practices that separate the industry leaders from the rest.

Download the Report to learn more about the following:

  • How consumers prefer to interact with brands and what they value in a customer experience
  • What generational differences reveal about the customer experience in the future
  • How changing customer preferences and behaviors impact customer experience strategies for brands

3 Key Components of Digital Customer Experience

Getting your marketing and digital customer experience right is critical to any attraction’s long-term success. We evaluated zoos and aquariums based on how well they performed in 3 areas, including:

  • Website – Are you providing visitors an experience designed to make it easy to accomplish key tasks and consistently performs across different devices?
  • Social Media – Are you creating unique content touch points with your visitors to drive more frequent attendance and brand advocacy? Are you getting the most out of TikTok?
  • Brand Experience – Are you communicating using thoughtful messaging, building positive customer sentiment, and communicating a high level of perceived brand value, using email/SMS to maximize customer lifetime value?

Key Story Elements We Uncovered:

There are significant key opportunities for marketing leaders to better engage with their customers across different avenues and the way these customers interact with brands as a whole. We’ve identified the most impactful findings through three key elements:

  • The Hidden State of Customer Experience
  • Customer Experience Threats
  • Customer Experience By Industry
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On-Demand Webinar Included

If you would like our expert takeaways without digging through all the data, we’ve designed a session for you! When you download the report, we’ll also provide you access to our webinar, which includes research highlights. You’ll learn directly from the best.