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Experience Dynamic helps you build loyalty and generate more revenue by giving your customers the interactions they crave.


Your Consumers Are Getting Smarter. Are You?

It’s not enough to get customers in the door. Consumers are paying closer attention to the brands they choose to interact with, and they are beginning to expect more from your company. A lot more.

Customer Experience, or CX as we call it, is the process by which businesses design every aspect of customer interaction–from brand awareness to brand evangelism–to create better outcomes for both your business and your consumer. No, this isn’t another marketing tactic. It’s a complete shift in thinking and that shift in thinking impacts reprioritization of everything from messaging to operations within your organization.

This kind of change can be hard to manage. That’s where we come in. Experience Dynamic is a collection of companies strategically brought together to guide you through the implementation of customer experience tactics across your organization.

research shows that brands who prioritize cx are 60% more profitable than their competitors.

The Building Blocks of CX Success

Whether you realize it or not, every department in your company has goals that are independent of one another. Finance is tracking success as one thing, marketing another, and on and on throughout your organization. These siloed goals are leaving out the most important thing–your customer.

Cater to What Your Customers Crave

Understand your customer’s journey, concerns, wants and needs to inform experiences with them at the center.

Make Them Feel Heard

Customer feedback is the most powerful tool. Collecting and leveraging it lets you deliver a customer experience ahead of your competition.

Go the Extra Mile, or Three

The best customer experiences hinge on delivering what your brand has promised at every touchpoint your customer interacts with you.

It Starts at the Top

It’s not enough to say you are customer-minded. Customer experience starts with leadership commitment and trickles through your organization to generate success.

our collective

A Collective Committed to Customer Experience

Where strategic planning and operational roadmapping meet.
Convince & Convert is a team of highly-focused and experienced consultants and analysts who provide strategies that help you connect with and keep your customers.


Customer Experience Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Change Management Consulting

Creating meaningful customer experiences based on deep strategic insights.

Full-service. Full stop. LaneTerralever brings strategic plans to life from brand concept to your day-to-day marketing execution. You name it, they do it.


Customer Journey Mapping

Digital Customer Analytics

Digital Experience (Web/Apps)

Content Marketing

Growth Marketing

Improving customer experience metrics and brand value through transformational training & Development

Train. Develop. Align. Aspire brings brands to life by operationalizing brand strategy and bringing it to life within their organization.


Unique Service Experience Strategy

Leadership Alignment & Execution

Signature Touchpoint Creation

Experience & Service Measurement

Leading the Charge

Experience Dynamic Leadership

Beau Lane

Executive Chairman

Experience Dynamic

Chris Johnson


Experience Dynamic

Kelly Santina


Convince & Convert

Andy Parnell



Renie Cavallari



Our Advisory Board

Jay Baer

Hall of Fame Speaker & NY Times Best Selling Author on Marketing/CX

Founder of Convince &

Lauren Bailey

Co-Founder/CEO at Upward Projects


John Sizer

Board Member at HomeSmart

Retired Financial Assurance Partner at Deloitte

Todd Davis

Chairman of the Board at Kadenwood and Aesthetics BioMedical

Co-Founder & Former Executive Vice Chairman at LifeLock

Kim Steinmetz

Former Chief Marketing  & External Relations Officer at W.P Carey School of Business

Former Chief Marketing Officer at Thunderbird School of Global Management

Jeff Mazzarella

CEO at AZPerio

Former Vice President, Market Strategy at Envision Healthcare

Anthony Sharett

President at Meta Financial Group and MetaBank, N.A

Former President at Nationwide Pet

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